The History of SMPN 4 Pakem

This school was built in 1952. At the first time, this school was named SMP Pancasila. Year by year, this school changed its name from SMPN 3 IKIP, SMPN PERCOBAAAN 2, SMPN 2 PAKEM, and the last SMPN 4 PAKEM which has BUDIMAN ( Berbudi pekerti luhur , Unggul dalam prestasi, Demokratis, Inovatif, Mandiri, Atensi, dan Nasionalis) / (Noble behavior, High achievement, Democratic, Innovative, Independence, Attention, Patriotic)

In 1999, Mrs. Woro Triwulan Ambarwati, BA was asked to become the principal of SMPN 4 PAKEM. After her presence in SMPN 4 PAKEM, the development of the building has began. Then, the school has developed. In 2007, SMPN 4 PAKEM is proclaimed as Pilot Project of International School. This school will reach its excellence if it is guided by the capable people and the school has the students who want to try hard to give their best for themselves, family, school, religion, and country. Best People Best Solution.


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